Natan Sans a great Wedding Photographer in Barcelona

A photographer who loves emotions. Emotions that can clearly be identified in all her work in a real way, for her it is more than a profession… it is part of her life.

Unique moments captured with surprising skill

Natan’s skill and experience is evident in her photographs. In them you can perceive the dedication and affection that she puts into her creations. Marga is a photographer with a virtuoso eye and an irreproachable technique. Moreover, her art is surprisingly human. With each photograph, you connect in form, time and space. You can be transported to the moment…as the phrase goes «to remember is to live». A talent, few can match.

Your wedding will be much more than a day. It will be more than a wedding in Barcelona, Natan is currently working as a wedding photographer in Barcelona.

For Natan it is essential to know in advance the people who require his services. Like all quality photographers, Natan recognizes that he must establish a close relationship, a click, a special connection that allows him to capture with audacity and boldness.

Thanks to this method, the bride and groom feel comfortable contributing to the photographs being more genuine. Filled with funny, cool, beautiful and sublime moments, expressing the love of the couple or family.

Natan in her art, appropriately enhances all those emotions, touching both those who look at them, and those who will always have to remember those wonderful moments. In her own words she says: «I am lucky to have a job that the people I have worked with will remember me for a happy moment, for having let me capture an instant in their lives that will remain forever.»

The wedding, an eternal day…

We know that the wedding is a special day. An occasion full of emotions. Natan gives his time and skills to capture and preserve the memories of that unique and special day. Natan focuses on the whole as well as the details. His iconic images of wedding symbols are as precious as his photographs in majestic natural settings.  With exquisite majesty he manages to capture the essence and soul of the people and moments, leaving them inanimate for posterity, making them last forever.